Quality Assurance

Paving the path towards excellence

At Al Rawasi, attention to detail is paid with regard to all operations, no matter what the size or scale. We rigidly comply with international industry standards and adopt ethical means of processes across all our functions. The following is an extensive list of the specifications and standards we adhere to:

  • Crushed aggregate products are produced to comply with the British Standards (BS812-BS 882)
  • Crushers can be adjusted to produce aggregates to American Standards (ASTM) or Euro Norms (BS EN) depending on the client’s requirements
  • Aggregates also comply with the stricter requirements of Dubai Municipality
  • Marine application Products conform to CIRIA SP 83
  • The chemical and physical properties of the base material (Limestone) has been tested several times to confirm full suitability for all the construction applications such as concrete, asphalt, and fill materials as well as marine/ sea defense s requirements
  • Aggregate products grading, flakiness, elongation, and <75 micron (dust) content is tested on a daily basis within an on-site laboratory
  • Dust content is controlled by use of a dust removal (suction system) to ensure that the <75 micron content in the fine aggregate is reduced to acceptable levels.
  • Fine aggregate grading can be specifically produced to allow for the addition of dune sand in the mix of design of concrete as is commonly required within the UAE
  • The crushers are adjustable in many ways to change the output specifications to match any specific requirements of the client.